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About LeasePlan

About LeasePlan

The largest lease organisation in The Netherlands

LeasePlan distinguishes itself through its strong views on mobility. The country’s largest lease organisation considers the (company) car the most important element of mobility – and through this one of the essential cornerstones of our economy.

At the same time LeasePlan advocates that driving should become smarter, cleaner and more efficient. Smarter by spreading the traffic flow better throughout the day. Cleaner through focusing on low-energy and intelligent car technology.

More efficient through organising business traffic in alternative ways.

LeasePlan Netherlands is convinced that technological progress will result in a sustainable solution within the short term for current issues such as energy consumption, CO2 emissions and traffic jams. LeasePlan actively supports the “kilometerbeprijzing” (comparable to congestion charge), encourages manufacturers to produce extremely economic cars and takes the lead in developing smart, alternative types of mobility, such as Mobility Mixx. In addition, LeasePlan Netherlands is in continuous conversation with its customers about conscious and responsible driver behaviour.

LeasePlan Corporation is the world market leader in operational car leasing and internationally one of the leading players in fleet management. LeasePlan was founded in 1963 and is now active in 30 countries on four continents.

Subsidiary LeasePlan Netherlands manages over 126,000 vehicles which makes it the market leader. The company offers all types of professional fleet management for every type of customer: from passenger cars to company cars for small and medium-sized enterprises to multinationals. The company is affiliated with the VNA, the Association of Dutch Car leasing Companies.

LeasePlan Netherlands

LeasePlan Netherlands

Established in 1963.
Represented in 30 countries.

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