Carefree driving,
with LeasePlan

Carefree driving, with LeasePlan

You want a car that provides carefree driving. LeasePlan can deliver that, for both commercial and private purposes.

You can lease a car, or a bus or van – for a short period, or a long one. For a small vehicle fleet, or a very large one. Just read here what LeasePlan can do for you, for either commercial or private solutions. 

Flexible leasing for a short term

Would you like to lease a vehicle for a short term? For 1 day, or 6 or 12 months? LeasePlan offers flexible solutions.

For maximum flexibility you can choose a vehicle from our varied range of extremely presentable cars and vans. For those times when it’s not convenient to travel by car, you can just use the Mobility Mixx card. This card enables you to make use of public transport, a taxi or a bicycle, at anytime and anywhere in the Netherlands. 

Direct leasing for low costs

Are you looking for a lease car for an attractive lease price? LeasePlanDirect offers you reliable service for low costs!

The use of the Internet means we can work efficiently, for low costs. You can check out now which auto suits your needs, and what the actual costs are, with no surprises later on. You can make the calculation yourself right now, and conclude the deal online

The right bus or van for your job

The right bus or van for your job

 A bus or van with tailor-made fittings that is always reliable. For you, this is a necessity. LeasePlan can arrange that for you perfectly.

Our specialists will help you to find the commercial vehicle that will best suit your company and the related activities. In addition, we ensure that your business operations can proceed with maximum efficiency. We plan repairs and maintenance to coincide with each other as much as possible, so that everything is taken care of at the same time, or we can arrange for replacement transport in the case of breakdown or damage. Leasing a company vehicle is also financially good for your business; in this way you can retain funds for other investments. 

Vehicle fleet management without worries

Would you like to have full control of your costs and the satisfaction of your lease car drivers? Or would you rather outsource the whole management of your vehicle fleet? We are happy to advise you and help you in the way that you prefer. 

Some vehicle fleet managers prefer to arrange the elements of the lease package themselves, while others would rather outsource the management of the whole vehicle fleet, both operationally and financially. It’s your choice, and your decision, naturally on the basis of our advice and expertise. In addition, we offer you various resources and services that make the management of your vehicle fleet simple and convenient. For instance, in My LeasePlan you can access all data regarding your vehicle fleet and manage many things online. 

Vehicle fleet management

Tailor-made solutions for a large vehicle fleet

Tailor-made solutions for a large vehicle fleet

You manage a large vehicle fleet – in a national or international enterprise, for profit, or non-profit. In such cases, tailor-made leasing is the perfect solution.

You are looking for the most optimal solution for your national or international vehicle fleet. You are considering the outsourcing of the entire management of your vehicle fleet. Or, you are looking for a partner who is willing to lease, on the basis of profit-sharing. With more than 50 years experience and an international network in 32 countries on 5 continents, we are more than qualified to understand exactly what is needed for the management and control of a large national or international vehicle fleet. 

A private car

Are you looking to buy a car? At LeasePlan you can rely on us to find you a reliable used car. You can also lease a car for private purposes.

Every day we offer a complete and up-to-date selection of reliable former lease cars. Thanks to our programme of ongoing maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instructions, our used cars are in top condition. This offers you a more than attractive deal! Would you still rather have a new car? The advantages of a lease car are not exclusively for commercial drivers. With Private Lease you pay a set amount every month, without extra costs for repairs, tyres, road tax and insurance. With Private Lease, everyone can ride in a brand-new car.

A private car

This is LeasePlan

For more than 50 years now, LeasePlan has been simplifying the management of vehicle fleets and the mobility of lease riders. With more than 125,000 cars in the Netherlands, and 1.5 million cars in 32 countries, LeasePlan is the largest, most authoritative and trendsetting lease company of its kind in the world. We have branches in Europe, the United States, Australia, South America and Africa.

LeasePlan Netherlands is a subsidiary of LeasePlan Corporation. LeasePlan makes leasing easy. Driving a car, without the cares of owning a car. That applies to both commercial and private leasing. You know exactly where you stand. That means no surprises later on. LeasePlan uses clear terms and conditions, which are written up in simple and easy to read agreements. Another convenient service!

LeasePlan also has a clear opinion about mobility. The car is the most important pillar of mobility, and therefore an essential pillar of our economy. LeasePlan wants to ensure that driving a car becomes smarter, cleaner and more efficient. Smarter, by encouraging a better distribution of the car traffic throughout the day. Cleaner, by supporting energy-efficient and intelligent automotive engineering. More efficient, by also finding alternative ways of organising commercial traffic.


LeasePlan and CSR         

LeasePlan is working in a responsible and sustainable manner, for the population and the environment. In doing so, we focus attention not only on our own enterprise, but also on our suppliers and clients.

  • We are constantly searching for ways to even further reduce the ecological footprint of our enterprise
  • We are developing sustainable business models and products
  • We conduct our business in accordance with relevant and recognised environmental standards
  • We support the development of technologies that have a positive effect on the environment
  • We make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of our business sector.
This is LeasePlan